Nuno Lacerda Lopes Furniture

ISBN 9789899748026

Edition Transnética

Year 2011

Print Run 750

Number of Pages 256

Dimension 25x30cm


About the book

“He designs furniture as an artist aware of the need to search for and experiment with other forms. He is theatrical and modern, but also calm and serene. We can’t browse through this book without thinking that his furniture is the result of both emotion and rationality.

All Dream. All Desire.”

Pedro Ramalho, Architect and Teacher


“The one-piece design contains two opposing realities:an ideal and other material. The design will turn these opposites in an unit, embodying the natural relationship between humans and objects, or between architecture and man that inhabits it. So I think in objects, furniture, as something that is familiar to us and we should not creatively kill, rather continue it, adding other viewpoints,needs and requirements. They should be “equal” but also different. They should be “normal” but still special; and must be “new” but steeped in history and tradition. Finally, they must be necessary for man to exist.“(…) “

Nuno Lacerda Lopes