Nuno Lacerda Lopes Collection

ISBN 9789729867507

Edition Transnética, Lda

Year 2000

Print Run 1000

Number of Pages 140

Dimension 21,5x21,5cm

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About the book

“The furniture designed by CNLL are imbued with the most absurd theatricality, they are completely silly yet useful, they are absolutely beautiful and therefore indispensable! They are entirely Cárlicos Nunásticos Lacérdicos and Lópzicos!”

Ricardo Pais, Stage Director


“From thought to design”

“It is always hard to talk about ourselves when we look at a path that, quickly and feelingly, we made. I say “we” followed the collective sense of who promotes the meeting and the ideas debate that are always behind those who construct or draw. This double question seems fundamental to me, when analyzing the work I have been developing in drawning, the subject that tells me more and with which I have the biggest and deeper relationship.

As a working basis for the creation and development of a design piece, whichever, I always bear in mind the sense of usage and living, touch and use and, in that way, I understand the references made to my work as carnal expressions of a way of life I want fullfilled, full of experiences and different participations.”

Nuno Lacerda Lopes

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